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28. May 2014.

The Serbian Open eXchange ( website has new section describing its open peering policy.

06. September 2013.

The Serbian Open eXchange ( in cooperation with ICANN has completed an improvement to the Internet infrastructure that increases its resilience to potential abuse or attacks on the Domain Name Service (DNS) by boosting name resolution capacity in the region of South Eastern Europe. has installed new DNS Anycast copy of ICANN’s L-Root server in one of 6 SOX core locations in Belgrade, Serbia. SOX operator/customer cone spans over 6 countries of SEE Region, which account for more than 50 million Internet end-users.

“This new infrastructure reduces response time in Serbia, and the whole SEE Region, for domains from all over the world,” said Zoran Perović, CEO of SOX “However, the biggest improvement will be in increased security, by distributing international connectivity to the name resolution service independently and at the root of the Internet in the SEE Region, and especially in Serbia”

“By helping local Internet organizations install copies of the root name servers, we improve DNS response time, security and stability for all users,” said Terry Manderson, Director of ICANN’s DNS Operations. “We welcome the latest installation – this time in Serbia.”

The installment was done with help from the ICANN’s Global Stakeholders Engagement team.

20. May 2013.

Updated list of SOX users:

Telekom Srbija              AS8400
SBB                               AS31042
Orion Telekom              AS9125 and others
Telenor Srbija               AS15958
VIP Mobile                    AS44143
YUnet                           AS8771
Verat                            AS15982
Beotel                          AS6700
Radijus Vektor             AS41937
Sattrakt                       AS41897
AVCom                        AS35573
IKOM                          AS15926
Targo Telekom           AS57427
Mainstream                AS51859
RNIDS ccTLD               AS47267
ETF                             AS6701
CRI                             AS39311
INNet Multimedija
KGB Hosting

Updated list of international partners:

Combridge (T-COM Grupa)

SOX hosts equipment of 2 the world’s largest CDN providers

SOX hosts WTFast, the system to accelerate MMO games – GPN, Gamers Private Network

SOX implemented IPv6 peering between local ISPs

18. February 2013.

SOX equipment put into operation within Orion Telehouse in Danijelova Street

07. December 2012.

SOX equipment put into operation within Telenor Telehouse in Airport City

04. December 2012.

SOX equipment put into operation within Orion Telehouse in Gandijeva Street

09. January 2012.

SOX equipment put into operation within Akton Telehouse in PC Ušće

08. December 2010.
Updated list of participants:



Radijus Vektor, EUnet

12. November 2010.

SOX organized and chaired round table during Telfor 2010:

Open telecommunication market

New operator challenges and strategies

Participants: Managers of regional and local telecommunication operators et al.

19. September 2010. come alive on the Internet

15. September 2010.

Connected so far:

Verat Orion Telekom
Beotel ETF – Beograd
31. August 2010.
SOX network fully tested under heavy traffic load, and ready to accept first customers. Latency in the network below 1 msec
12.May 2010.

Media presentation of SOX platform has been arranged with support of Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society, and Authorization for data transmission service provision excluding Internet service provision issued by Republic Agency for Electronic Communications.

Video Pictures

Testing before going live

Testing of communication capacities and system stability fully conducted. System performed according to expectations and in high traffic load condition there was no packet loss recorded, and latency between any two ports did not exceed 1 msec.

New Services

Along with its high performance 10 Gbps Ethernet networking equipment SOX introduced SDH DXC equipment which is dedicated to providing SDH cross-connect services for telco operators

NOC system

SOX deployed fully automated performance monitoring system which is checking network health and performance every 5 minutes and according to results initiates NOC activities in order to deal with eventual faults.

Connection policy

The Serbian Open eXchange ( has open peering policy. Any potential member that has its own AS, and functional router, may join Serbian Open eXchange on fully transparent and open manner. Detail description in section network. SOX support BGP community mechanism which empowers each and every member to take full control over BGP announcement of their IP address space in both IPv4 & IPv6.



SOX telecommunications network consist of 10 GEth L2/L3 switches with high performance non-blocking switching matrix, manufacturer Extreme Networks, and SDH DXC cross-connect manufacturer ECI.

Main, carrier neutral locations are “Belgrade Palace”, and Computer Center Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Following ports are available for immediate connection: GEth, 10 GEth, STM-16, STM-4, STM-1.

Main features and services of SOX are:

  • Ethernet and SDH interconnection of Telco operators in Serbia
  • BGP-4 Internet peering of IP networks


SOX position is strictly carrier neutral and open for providing services on telco market in Serbia.

Main locations are elected to reflect truly carrier neutrality company policy


Following best practice of big European IXP, SOX is ready to make partnership agreement with owners of Telehouse and Datacenter facilities in Serbia in order to be branded as "Home of SOX"

Technical requirements Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are described in following documents:





Primary goal of SOX network is to make carrier interconnections easier and more affordable through following services:
  • IP Peering (BGP-4)
  • Private VLAN
  • SDH cross-connect

Future activities

SOX envisage following phases in its development:
  • Phase 1: Connecting all important market participants via fiber
  • Phase 2: Connecting to networks of owners and distributors of on-line content
  • Phase 3: Connecting to networks of foreign operators starting their activities in Serbia

Market position

SOX will according to technical feasibility, and not competing with its customers, accept ALL interconnection requests with flexible portfolio of VPN’s (Ethernet and SDH)


SOX map


SOX equipment is currently present at following locations:

  • Belgrade Palace
  • Computer Centar Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Phone:      +381 11 2419 332
GSM:          +381 64 611 8246

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